Expand your brand awareness outside of your website.


Off-Page Optimization alludes to anything outside of your site that effects your rankings in web search engines. It focuses on improving the flow of traffic reaching out to your website. For example Link building is significant to getting excellent backlinks, organic traffic to your website, and improving your rankings in search engines. It is main factor of the position of your website.

Understanding off-page SEO gives you a noteworthy favorable position over your competitors, in the event that you comprehend what you’re doing.

Here are three main techniques that are used in off page strategies:

  • Backlinks
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Commenting


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Backlinks are often the main focus of any off-page SEO campaign. Containing a backlink from a website with high Domain Authority can have a huge effect on your website rankings , And it conveys trust as well. There are many strategies that companies can employ to build backlinks over time, but going over that would require a post specifically about that.   


Google assumes that companies that maintain an active social media presence are more likely to be reliable companies that they feel comfortable in referring them their users . Keeping up a functioning social presence on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn won’t just improve awareness for your business yet will improve your rankings in web search engines and helps target audience to their websites.  Both the number of social likes and social signs are an indication of the rising popularity of web pages due to the value of the information present in the content. Therefore, increasing your social engagement also increases the ranking position of your site.


A blog commenting strategy focuses on getting steady backlinks from different blogs and websites. This post is focused on giving you specific directions and point by point given strategies that you can instantly apply to your every day strategy in any niche. You need to know from which sources and also how many backlinks you require to accomplish HIGH rankings with a specific keyword. This is the absolute first point that a person needs to know before he can even move on to building these highly targeted backlinks from other people’s websites.


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